Staring GEODI

You may already know GEODI by presentations and videos. Here we will go into details and share information for users and admins.

We define 4 levels of users for GEODI. This is required to carry on training and system sustainability. Separation may be different in your organization.

GEODI users

We consider everyone as a potential GEODI user. These users may utilize GEODI for search and analytical features.

GEODI User Guides

GEODI Admins

GEODI managers manage the tasks like, new projects, managing users, dictionaries and may be training the users.

GEODI Admin Guide

System Admins

Instrallation, system level configuration, security and other stuff other than GEODI specific ones.

GEODI System Admin Guides

Software Developers

GEODI platformu is open to developers and may be used as an engine.

The developers will find documentation in the following site for developing add-ons, integration issues, visual enhancements and full API documentation.