GEODI Classifier is the common name for a set of tools used for manual or automatic classification of data. There are add-ons for Microsoft Office, Exchange Server, Office 365 and Windows. Classifier solutions are compatible with DLP solutions such as ForcePoint, Symantec and TrendMicro.

GEODI Classifier add-ons become active only after GEODI and GEODI Classifier licences are installed. For Installation: GEODI Classifier Installation and Configuration

Windows Shell-Extention Add-On

After installation, the “classify” item may be used to classify any file. Class choices may differ depending on server settings. Classify item generates labels/tags for Office and PDF document. Other file types are labels by NTFS ADS method. The labelling method used by GEODI classification is compatible with DLP solutions like ForcePonit, Symantec and TrendMicro.

Microsoft Office Add-Ons

With the installation, a menu is added to the “Home” tab in Microsoft Office applications. Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook are supported. Please see the system requirements document for compatibility ıssiues.

The classes may differ and depend on server settings. You can choose the class of the document either manually or automatically. The class you can choose determines the labels, watermark and other issues.

When saving the document or exporting to PDF, you are asked to classify. By default, you are not allowed to save document w/o choosing a class.

Automatic classification use GEODI’s discovery capabilities. Classification rules are determined by server settings. GEODI enables you to create semantic classes like “have personnel information/PII” other than classes like Confidential/Private. This will help you build a much better classification scheme.

Classification Menu in MS Word

You are asked to choose a class before print/export/save.

Auto Header, Footer or Water mark by class