GEODI is a web application. Users access GEODI via internet browsers such as Chrome, FireFox or Edge. It can be accessed on Windows, Linux, iOS or Android.

GEODI application offers several different usage / licensing options

  1. You can use it on your own network or on a cloud server you control. Our document is valid for this option. Multi-user and Single User versions are available.
  2. You will not need any server for SaaS service offered at

GEODI Server

The table below is compiled from typical user experience.

10-50 Users

50+ Users

Processor (CPU)

8+ Cores

16+ Cores

Memory (RAM)



Server Computer should have capabilities to work 24/7. Suggest SSD disks. For high traffic and high CPU usage cases (like OCR) we suggest more memory.

You can use a physical or virtual server in your corporate network or a server in the cloud environment (such as Azure, Amazon, Natro, Radore).

Disk Space GEODI uses and indexes your data from where they are. It does not copy your data. Index data size depends on the structure of your data, but with a very general estimate, we can say that 20 units of disk are required for every 100 units of data volume.

For high usage scenarios, an SSD disk is recommended for index.

In applications such as archives, the OCR process creates PDF in scanned documents. Disk space should also be reserved for these documents.

  • Windows 8+
  • .NET Framework 4.0
  • IIS (optional)
FacePro and ImagePro CUDA supported NVIDIA GPU hardware is required to learn FacePro, face recognition and ImagePro object recognition applications.

FacePro small datasets and low performance needs can run without a GPU.

Access For multi-user version, a public address and default port 3323 must be open for users to access GEODI from internal or external network.
Technical support The remote access connection will make it easier for us to provide technical support services under your supervision during the installation and subsequent stages. It is from the fixed IP of our company (

GEODI Mobile App

GEODI Mobile is a mobile application available on Google Play and Apple Store. It runs on the following operating systems.

  • Android 4.4+
  • iOS 11.0+

GEODI Mobile works with a GEODI server you have defined. GEODI Server should have a public address and SSL certificate.

GEODI Desktop Explorer(GDE)

With GDE, you can access data on computers scattered across your network from a single point, and make the discovery for GDPR or other sensitive data. The data are not copied, the data found by the search must be available on the respective computer.

GDE can run on Windows, Linux and Mac computers.

GEODI Classifier

The GEODI Classifier family consists of several components.

Office documents are classified manually or automatically by content, thanks to an office plug-in that works on MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

With the MS Exchange Server Plugin, outgoing mails and mail attachments are classified manually or automatically according to the content.

For automatic classification, GEODI Server 7 and higher is required.

  • MS Word 2007+
  • MS Excel 2007+
  • MS PowerPoint 2007+
  • MS Outlook 2007+
  • MS Exchange Server (2013+)
  • Microsoft Office 365

GEODI Chrome Extention

GEODI Chrome extension is an extension that runs inside the Chrome browser. Thanks to this plugin, you can select a text on a web page or other web application and search your institution in GEODI. In this way, you will get a very practical and trouble-free solution before complex integration options.