As we all know, GEODI discovers valuable information from the content. The discovery features are mostly built on AI and rules together. Discovery accuracy increases by time and samples. When GEODI results in false recognition, we need to it the correct way.

That is what the Learn Action is for. Learn Action signals the GEODI that “This recognition is false, and this is the correct way”.

How to mark falses?

  1. If you come across with false recognition, click on the KEYWORDS page and find the wrong one.
  2. Click the 3dots menu and choose “Learn”.
  3. Fill in the required values and save.

That’s all!

GEODI needs many examples to learn. So there will be a little help from our teams, and probably in a few days, your correction will be effective for new content.

If you need corrections to be effective for the existing content you may need to index/reindex. Our tech teams will inform you.