The main menu of MOBIDI Office is on the left and allows you to reach all functions.

  • The Dashboard menu lists the dashboards, allows you to select active one and create as many as you like. You can determine which user may see the panel. All functions are subject to authorization.
  • Query allows you to select a subset of the records. Queries are used in reports, dashboards and map. This page is provided for ad-hoc queries. You should use dashboards for persistent ones.
  • This map page opens the map for the last query. This page is also for ad-hoc needs. You should use dashboards for persistent needs. The base map may be Google, Bing, any WMS or an AutoCAD file.
  • Project is what forms, reports, dashboards, lists and other settings. This page lists the projects though just one project will be enough for most of the time.
  • Lists are dynamic features of a project. List of ATM points, list of customers or List of parts change every time. This page allows a standard user to update the lists. Notification and update of mobile users are automatic.
  • Mobile users page is to manage users. This page has tools to manage groups, send messages to mobile users and more.
  • Settings page contains choices that determ┼čnes how MOBIDI Office works. You will not need this page most of the time.