Creating the GEODI Connection

With the GEODI connection, MOBIDI records can also be searched and processed via GEODI. First of all, you must install your “Mobidi Connector” module in GEODI. With this process, the MOBIDI option will come to GEODI data sources.

For the connection, you will need the MOBIDI Office URL, a username and password that can access the records. You should also create a query that determines which records to use. You know the query capabilities. With this query, it is possible to use some of the records belonging to the same form or to use multiple form records. prompted. You can ensure that only completed tasks come, or only social benefits.

You can define how recordings will appear on the map by Record Style and Attachment Style.

Once the connection is established, new registrations will continue to come to GEODI as long as GEODI continues to access the MOBIDI Office (as long as the MOBIDI Office connection address or password is not changed).

The MOBIDI Office user you will use for the connection must have the authority to view the records you want to access after GEODI integration. Records that cannot be seen by this user are not accessible by GEODI.

The username and password you use for the GEODI connection will be kept confidential. It is impossible for this information to be read by a second person who can enter the connection screen.

Making Mobile Records Searchable in GEODI

Establishing a connection is valid for calling. If you want, you can open/edit the records found on MOBIDI Office.

Not only search but also GEODI’s discovery capabilities work. You can also access our recognition of persons, dates and many other capabilities using MOBIDI data.

Object Recognition on Mobile Images

GEODI ImagePro plugin can recognize objects on photos and videos. Photos and Videos can also come from MOBIDI. You can recognize the layout of the market shelves, whether there is a pedestrian crossing in a photo and much more objects. ImagePro also allows you to create custom recognition patterns.

You need to enable ImagePro in Connection settings.

When you search for objects recognized with ImagePro, you will find the MOBIDI records. With GEODI’s reporting capabilities, you can analyze how many products are found in which picture and what products appear side by side.

OCR on Mobile Images

GEODI OCR plug-in converts scanned or photographed documents to text. Photos can also come from MOBIDI. A document you take in the field with MOBIDI becomes searchable by being translated into text. In this way, a single process is sufficient to add the documents created in the field to the digital archive.

You need to enable the OCR option in the connection settings.

OCR does not recognize handwriting. Documents should be drawn as straight as possible. You can make your images and files that need OCR searchable by passing them through OCR process. Just tick the Enable Optical Character Recognition option in the MOBIDI source from the project settings.