Mobile user management and authorization tasks are carried on Mobile User page. This page also has tools for sending messages, managing groups and more.

Add a New User

Use the + on the top left. Please fill all fields to utilize features like Smart Assignments affectİvelly.

The new user will automatically be included in all groups. You can then remove the unnecessary ones now or after.

The user language will initially be the same as the license language. Once mobile users are registered, phone languages ​​will be used.

Use Tablet choice if the device has only wi-fi, or no GSM capability Please check the Mobil app, MOBIDI, Setup page.

Modify User

Double click on the user or use 3dot menu on the grid.

Removing A User

There is no remove but put in a passive state. When a user in a passive state, he/she will no longer collect data, but you will be access to old records.

Selecting Multiple Users

Use either checkboxes or the filter by a caption and use the top left area tools.

Sending an SMS for licensing

You may send and SMS to mobile users to automate mobile app installation process. Select target users and use top-left “Send SMS” tool for this purpose. You can watch the progress on the user list.

  • New users will be gray
  • Users that have received the SMS and completed the installation are green.
  • Users that have received the SMS but have not responded yet are red.

Green users are ready to collect data, you can resend the SMS to the others.


Different user groups may use different forms. Our authorization method does that. There will be a group that corresponds to a form with the same name. You decide which user belongs to which groups hence forms. New users are a member of all groups. You may remove unwanted groups. A user must be a member of at least one group. Otherwise, it can’t collect data.

Assume you have two forms named Cleaning, Control. There will be two groups with the same name.

  • User A, Cleaning
  • User B, Control
  • User C, Cleaning+Control

when you do this, each user will see the related forms in their Mobile app.

There are places that you can change user-groups relations.

  1. Add/Modify user dialogue has “Edit Group” feature.
  2. To edit multiple users at a time, select users, from the grid and use the tools in the top left area “Add To Groups” and “Remove From Groups.”
  3. Edit Group in the 3dot menu in the grid

You may create your own groups for other purposes like special assignments tasks and more…

Sending a Notification or Message to Mobile Users

The messages may be ”Today is free time”, “The lights are off on the Freedom Park”, “John, please visit the HR office today”. Select the target users, and use top left Send Notification tool.

Assigning Jobs to Users

There are features to cover different needs. Please visit Smart Assignments page.

Updating Mobile Users

When you make a change that affects the mobile app, you need to update affected mobile users. Changes in the forms, changes in the groups, changes in the lists generally require an update. MOBIDI Office tracks these changes and informs you about when an update is required. To prevent a mobile user having too many updates, we queue the changes, and you may anytime apply them.

Update Require notification will be seen on the main menu with a small dot.

Inviting Multiple Mobile users

In the case of Crowdsourcing applications or large user groups, you may have so many unknown users at the beginning. We have a solution for this kind of situations.

  • A campus application all students.
  • Citizens in a county
  • To access user in application like ITSM or Facility Management.

You can share your licence code with these users in the media you choose. They download the app and use the licence code. You can create a control phase of how users will join.