MOBIDI Connects to many systems. Here is the possibilities other than the Zapier and GEODI. These connections may require some IT knowledge, please ask us.

Integration Settings Folder

Settings files are under the MOBIDI Office appdata folder.


You will find sample files in the setup folder for each case, [C:\Program Files\Dece Software\MOBIDI Office\Settings\Notifications]. The extension for active files must be *.jsettings.

Send e-Mail for an Incoming Record

This mechanism is to notify users when a new record arrives. The rules defined in Mobidi.OnDataLoadEnd folder. You can use SendMail sample files. ToEmail property should contain your e-mails separated with commas.

Write a record to external DB

You can use the SendDatabase sample Mobidi.OnDataLoadEnd folder. SendDatabase sample örnek dosyası kullanılabilir.