The basic role for a mobile user is to collect data from the field; hence a form-based authorization will be adequate. But an Office user may have many more role like system administration, creating forms, dashboards and managing mobile users. An office user may be a manager who wants to see a dashboard or an IT expert who is responsible for managing all system.

Creating First Office User

We already have created this user when a licence issued. This user is authorized to access all functions. He/She will invite other office users and decide their permissions.

Adding a New Office user

Add new office users with Settings/User Management/New. The system will send a confirmation e-mail to them, and they will create their password following the links.

(warning) You need a public/accessible from the network address for MOBIDI Office to invite new users. If the address on the browser starts with 127.* you will not be able to invite new users. If you have a public address switch to that an retry.

The same interface allows you to manage permissions. The best way is to create a group for each role and give permissions to these groups. When a user becomes a member of a group, he/she will automatically have the same permissions.

Managing permisfor Dashboards, Forms and Others

This interface gives permission like create dashboards, delete forms etc. Whos will access to a specific panel, or who will modify a specific form is another issue. These topics are solved in their respective pages. Manage dashboards in dashboard page, manage to forms form design pages. Please watch the following İcon.