Queries are used in many places in the MOBIDI Office. Query enables you to choose only the required records out of thousands of records. Here are some examples:

  • Map only the last week data → you put a date criterion (last week)
  • I want last cleaning activities of last 1 month in excel → a data criteria (last 1 month) and activity=cleaning
  • How many customer’s service took more than 3 hours in the last 3 months → last 3 months, customer and service duration >=3 hours


Query Interface

Below is the interface whenever a Query is needed. This page is divided into vertical sections and each section is for different criteria. You may use one or all at the same time, you can save a query and use many times.

Section Purpose Usa case sample
Data Slider Date slider enables you to limit records by start and end dates. The slider also has predefined ranges, like last month.
Mobile Users You can limit the records for a specific user(s) You may be looking for records that a user entered. You may want to take a quick look at how much work has done last month.
Groups You can limit the records for a specific group(s) It is a criterion you can use if you want to query a user-like group.
Forms Forms have common features so you can create queries across forms. This criterion is to limit which form’s data will be included. If a form field used in multiple forms it will be a common feature along with creation date, location etc. You can evaluate all forms in a single query in order to get values ​​such as time spent in the field and person workload in many different fields. This feature will make your work easier in many places.
Render Options This criterion is to determine which elements will be on the map. You may show only the points, directions or waypoints.
Attachment Options Attachments are photos, videos or sound recordings. For example, you may select records containing videos.
Other query Options This option enables you to deleted records. For many reasons, MOBIDI Office does not persistently delete the records. This option is false by default.
Saved Queries You may save your query and use many times. This is a practical way of using the same criterion on dashboards, reports and more.

Criteria by Fields

You may use every form field as a criterion. Names starting with John, values between 100 and 200, and so. Please check rules at the end of this page.

Rules for Alphanumeric Fields

Applicable for Text and TextArea field types.

Example Description
Solved Whole word. Records containing “Solved”
Solved* Records start with Sol
*Sovedl* Text containing Solved in any place.

Rules for Numeric Fields

Applicable for Number field types.

Query Description
>5 Values greater than 5
<5 Values less than 5
1..5 or 1-5 Values between 1 and 5
2,3,5 Matches to only 2, 3 and 5