Our system is formed by a mobile application, MOBIDI and a server application MOBIDI Office. MOBIDI is responsible for collecting data and MOBIDI Office is to process and present them. MOBIDI Office is also responsible for designing forms, dashboards and general management.

Setup guide for MOBIDI Office için https://www.decesoftware.com/mobidi-office5-setup

Server Issues

Below are the system requirements for some sample uses. The numbers indicate a range.








4 Core

8 Core

16+ Core





Storage (~5 years)




These numbers assume 1 photo/record. Every 200-300 photo requires an extra 1GB.
  • Windows 8 and up
  • .NET Framework 4.0
  • IIS (optional)
Server type Any physical or virtual server that matches the requirements will work. Also, a server from Azure, Amazon or other cloud services will be fine.
DBMS, Database Management System MOBIDI Office uses a database to store the data. The setup offers to basic choice:

  • SQLite: Small and low traffic application. Use only for when system resource is limited.
  • PostgreSQL: Works always.

If you want to use any other DBMS(MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle..) go with Sqlite and you will be able to change after setup.

Technical Support Uzak erişim bağlantısı Kurulum ve sonraki aşamalarda sizlerin gözetiminde teknik destek hizmeti sağlayabilmemizi kolaylaştıracaktır. Firmamızın sabit IP’sinden ( dir.
Internet Requirements MOBILE apps Mobil kullanıcılar veri göndermek için, Ofis kullanıcıları yazılımı kullanmak için MOBIDI Ofis’e internet üzerinden erişebilmek gereklidir. Bu amaçla:

  1. Statik IP’nizin olması gereklidir. Internet Servis Sağlayıcınız yardımcı olacaktır.
  2. MOBIDI Ofis’e erişim için 3324 portu açık olmalıdır. Ağınızda bir güvenlik duvarı/firewall varsa 3324 veya uygun bir port için tanımlama yapılmalıdır. Sistem yöneticisiniz yardımcı olacaktır.
When access to the internet is not possible. MOBIDI Ofis’e internet üzerinden erişimin istenmediği durumlar için lütfen bizden destek alınız.

Communication Issues

MOBIDI, The Mobile App and MOBIDI Office communicates in two different modes. You may choose anyone now, and change to the other afterwards.

Method Explanation

Through a Cloud Storage

Through a Cloud Storage is much simpler to setup. It is possible to setup MOBIDI Office on any computer which has standard internet access.

  • Setup defaults to this method.
  • This method has about 10min latency for record flow
  • May not allow high traffics.
  • Practically only one office user can use at a time unless an IT expert solves the local access issues.
  • Zapier integration is not possible

Direct Connection

Direct Connection requires a fixed IP and access to MOBIDI Office from the internet. While these settings are mostly possible in a standard environment, requires an IT expert. If you already have such an environment go with this method. This method does not have latency.

  • Requires a fixed IP and Port forwarding for default port:3324(or any other you define)
  • Suitable for high traffic
  • Users can access the system form the internet&intranet
  • Zapier and other integrations are possible

MOBIDI Mobil App Issues

MOBIDI app is on Google Play ve Apple Store. MOBIDI Works on

  • Android 4.4 ve up
  • iOS 11.0 ve up

An SMS will be sent to the defined users to guide them for installation.

MOBIDI may work offline. All photos, videos and other data stay on the smartphone memory as long as local storage allows. When an internet connection found (Wi-Fi, or 3G..) -data will be sent. This is auto, no intervention is required.

MOBIDI is suitable and strongly recommended for the BYOD model. Our customers mostly prefer BYOD.