What are the system requirements?

System Requirements: MOBIDI Office and Mobile App

Connecting MOBIDI Office to a different database

It is explained with PostgreSQL example on How to connect MOBIDI Office with different DBMS? PostgreSQL connection example page.

Getting Started with MOBIDI Office

Delivery problem on “New User Mail”

Search your mailbox and check your spam folder. If it still hasn’t, contact your system administrator.

I want to upload records from Excel or Database?

Query for the records that you want to update from the query tab and get the reports from the three-dot button on the same page. All the data received are editable in the CSV reports and save it as xlsx. Then we load this excel file from Settings-Load Data. Do not change the record ID column while updating.

We prepare our collective records in an excel file or database table, with describing each field being a column and each record being a row. Then we load it from Settings-Load Data. You must do this in an environment where Mobidi has installed. The attachments of the records are in the form of paths, if there will be more than one attachment, there should be a “|” sign between the paths.

Mobile Users

Incorrect phone number?

This user can not get a Licensing SMS. Correct the phone number and resent it by using the Mobile User page.

How to use a Tablet w/o SIM card?

When the License option is selected in the mobile application menu, the section with License Number appears on the screen that opens. The license code that has been received from the system (Mobidi Office) administrator can be entered into this field to make the activation. Tablets or phones without a SIM card can be included in the system with this method.

An internet connection will be required to upload the records that have been captured by mobile users to Mobidi Office, Transactions made during the day can be sent to the server at the end of the day or by making a Wi-Fi connection in the meantime.

Mobile User’s Phone Numbers or Device has changed?

Mobile users also mean mobile devices for MOBIDI Office. As long as your device is not changed, the records taken with the same device will be a continuation of each other. The actual user is the person currently using this device and users can change.

When the mobile user changes her phone, she can activate the new device with the same phone number and continue the registration process. Since the Mobidi application on the old device will become passive, no new records should be entered on this device, the records that could be entered on the old device will not reach Mobidi Office.

When the device is changed, it is important to activate the new device with the same user name, surname and department information in order to get the reports correctly.

The mobile user does not get the SMS

Failure to send SMS to the mobile user may be caused by network-related problems. Also, depending on the density of the network, it may take up to a few minutes for the SMS to arrive.

In such cases, you can choose to wait or follow the path below.

After sending the SMS from the mobile user’s page, the “Your Message Has Been Sent” box appears on the Send List. Click on the post list and click… next to the “user”. Send the link to the user in another way. This link is also available in the sent SMS.

Mobile Application

No data is coming from the user

A user adds records, but records do not reach to office from mobile device. You can ask the user to do the following checks.

If the user is using cellular data, you can ask him to connect to a WIFI and restart the application. Records will come to the office automatically. Sometimes the recording size can get stuck in the transfer limit in the project settings. The size of the attachments can make changes in record size.

When I opened the Mobidi application, another project came instead of the one I used.

The project you normally use has changed and has been sent to your device by your system administrator, or something unexpected has occurred.

Before contacting your system administrator, click the three-dot button on the top right in the Mobidi application and click “Transfer” from the menu that opens.

Click on the arrow button next to Sync Workspace in the Transfer option. Mobidi will restart and the project defined for you will be loaded.

“GPS is not activated on your device …” warning appears on the record adding screen and I go back to the page with the forms.

If you are getting this warning, check the steps below. Your system administrator may have required the location or prevented manual specifying.

Is your location clear on Android / IOS systems?

Is location access allowed in Mobidi permissions on Settings / Applications screen? It will ask permission for this operation at the first entrance to the app.

Does it mark your current location in red when you enter Google maps? If it does, contact your system administrator.

Voice Recording Error in Mobile Application

Some Android devices do not have a default voice recorder installed. In this case, clicking the button to record sound in MOBIDI becomes non-functional. You can fix the problem by downloading the following software (or similar) to the device.


Excel Report and Import Error

For these operations, you must have Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB installed on your computer. This component is installed automatically during the installation of Mobidi Office, but you can install it again from the address below, for situations such as deleting the component in the next process.


I cannot view/edit the panel created by my system administrator in Mobidi Office. I cannot create a new panel/dashboard. → Please ask system admin for permissions.

Other Issues

Problem Playing Audio Files in Mobidi Office

Some mobile devices record audio in formats such as m4a. There are many free software available for playing these files. Such solutions can be founded in the pages below;,

You can download and install it on your computer.


I cannot see the locations of my records and attachments on the “Map” tab in the Menu.

Click on Query from the menu on the left to view the records and attachments on the map. Click on the magnifying glass icon at the top right from the page that opens. The Records and Attachments options under the General Drawing Options can be checked. After clicking the Query Button at the bottom right, you can see the records and attachments on the map.