Thanks to process management, you answer many questions such as at what stage, who is waiting for a job, how long it has been waiting, who will do the next step and when. With MOBIDI Office, you can easily manage the simple and complex processes you will need.

Approval Chains

  • An order has arrived, will be sent after confirmation.
  • You have created a task, it will be sent after your admin approval
  • An inspection was made in the field, it will be closed after the control
  • The order has been received, the offer has been prepared, and it will be sent for delivery after customer approval.The easiest way to create processes like this is to add a field for each user or stage in the approval chain to the forms you design. This area can be the Smart Task area or a simple control.

Who is responsible or what are the jobs on me?

It is important to see who is on the job in processes There are panels for this purpose. It will be the best practice to create a separate panel for each user involved in the process. In these panels, queries should show the records that the relevant user should see.

With Smart Assignment, you can directly assign the job to a person or group. In addition, you can also make a definition such as “Customer Approval” records are in the delivery unit. The easiest way to do this is to prepare the necessary queries in the delivery unit panel.

Multiple users can edit the same Record

More than one person can edit the same record in MOBIDI. There are many ways to apply this capability, which is also necessary to create approval chains.

Only office users can see some of the fields on a form. This feature may have several uses.

  1. In cases where the process starts on mobile, the mobile user collects and sends the records in the field. The office user checks and approves (or denies) these records using fields that the mobile user has not embedded. Thus, field and office work is separated. In case of rejection, tasks such as re-sending the record to the mobile user can also become automatic.
  2. The process can start in the office. In this case, office users fill in the relevant fields and send the job to the mobile user. Then continues according to the need.

Using the same chain in multiple forms

There may be multiple forms (such as Maintenance, Repair, Cleaning) but you may want to manage the approval chain in one way. MOBIDI Office allows you to use one form field in multiple forms. Queries made on the form field and works done on different forms can be brought together in a single panel.

Thanks to this ability, your analysis is also easier. Regardless of qualification, issues such as how many jobs await and who are on them can be reported and analyzed in a single way.

Creating a Task by Sending a Message

You can send a message to a user, group or all users in situations that develop very suddenly and require rapid intervention or whenever you need. These messages can be for announcement purposes or for mission purposes. In case of a task, those who receive the message directly start the process, do the work and save it.